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A Bavarian Summer Fest- Willkommen!

The American Red Cross of Ottawa County hosted “A Bavarian Summer Fest – Willkommen!” Friday, July 18 at the Catawba Island Club. The 7th annual Club Red fundraising gala was a benefit for local Red Cross disaster relief and recovery.

10497922_10152575677589197_8157939465539198278_oClub Red members created a Bavarian garden that held an expanded silent auction courtesy of generous local businesses and patrons.  Some popular features in the garden were The Lake Erie Brewing Company and German vinter, Max Ferd Richer. The evening was filled with lively music and guests were seen wearing lederhosen and traditional Bavarian dress. Read more about it here. 

Check out more photos on our Facebook page!

“What a wonderful night!  The ladies of Club Red created a Bavarian festival filled with color, music, food and an auction that exceeded our goals.  The stars of the night were the always-generous guests who come every year and support the Red Cross by bidding with abandon,” said event chair Carol Schemmer.


Special thanks to our sponsors:

logo board_Beth_001

Can’t wait for next year. 🙂


Tonight is the Night

The day has FINALLY arrived! Tonight is the “Red, White & You Too!” benefit CD concert at Hollywood Casino Toledo. The concert starts at 7 p.m. and it is totally FREE!

Here is the line up for the fabulous night ahead:

Don’t forget to purchase the benefit CD at your neighborhood Ralphie’s and Frisch’s Big Boy locations. They are ONLY $10 and inside the CD, there is a $4 coupon making the total cost just $6! What a deal 🙂  And all of the proceeds go to support local Red Cross services and programs. Nothing can get better than that!

We hope to see you there!

I-rish You Were Here

Looking for a great way to spend Friday, April 18th and eat for a good cause? Look no further than downtown Toledo!

Blarney Lent Image NEW DATE

You can donate to our mission just by eating! If you show this image to your server on April 18th, 10% of your food bill goes to support the American Red Cross of Northwest Ohio. That’s right – you get a chance to make a charitable donation just by ordering some of The Blarney Irish Pub’s famous fish & chips, chocolate cake, or any number of delicious items that are available on the menu. For those of you recognizing Good Friday, bring a friend to support our efforts.

We put a few of these flyers in circulation at the rockin’ Toledo Free Press Mud Hens opening day event downtown. If you have one of those, come on down! The Warehouse District is home to places like Fifth Third Field (to stock up on your Mud Hens gear for their next home game), The Art Supply Depo (for art supplies and Toledo memorabilia), Huntington Center (to buy tickets for upcoming events), and The Blarney – for really amazing eats and beverages! Every 19 hours we respond to a disaster – take one or two of them and visit The Blarney this Friday!

#NVW – Bo Knows Humanitarianism

It’s Friday and the last day of our National Volunteer Week highlight. This time, we’re featuring someone who knows a thing-or-two about helping people: Bo McComas. Bo knows.

Bo_McComas“I just really enjoy helping people. … I really like going to schools and talking to kids about disaster preparedness. Veterans need things that they’re not getting. The Red Cross is doing their part to help. I wanted to be a part of that.”

We’re honored to have Bo as a compassionate disaster volunteer. He understands the importance  of disaster response as well as spreading awareness and being prepared before they happen. He’s also part of our regional Speaker’s Bureau and enjoys giving presentations to local schools and daycare programs on disaster preparedness.

In addition to all this, Bo follows our commitment to America’s military members, veterans, and families as a caseworker for Services to Armed Forces (SAF). He follows-up with families after we have assisted them with emergency communications to make sure they have everything they need and find out how we can further help them.

You can join Bo and our other volunteers as part of our SAF volunteer team. It’s a very personal and rewarding position, plus, you get to work with one of our best staff members! For more information, contact Karen Jantzi at 419.227.5121 ext. 8 or email her

Be Ready for April Showers

040214_galoshesOur Red Cross store is full of items that may fit many of your needs. The weather is starting to get a little bit warmer now that Spring is here. Why not wear an American Red Cross t-shirt to stay cool and show your support in style? The opening for the Toledo Mud Hens is approaching which means lots of great days at Fifth Third Field! Stay safe from the sun with an American Red Cross cap. Good luck catching one of those fly balls!

Every day isn’t guaranteed to be great weather for baseball, sadly. Spring also brings the promise of stormy, rainy, flashy floody, weather – especially for our region. Don’t get caught with your favorite shoes completely soaked or your sandals stuck in the mud. Pick up a pair of our American Red Cross wellies to make your water hazard travels much easier. Or rain boots. Or galoshes. Or whatever you call them. 🙂

The store is also a great destination to stay Red Cross Ready and stock up on supplies. We have emergency radios that can keep your phone charged, first aid kits you can keep in the car, survival kits you can take with you while camping, and more. There’s also First Aid/CPR/AED items to replenish your materials or brush up on your training.

Be Red Cross Ready First Aid Kit in Car Glovebox040114_CPRKeychain

Make sure you have all the necessary components to respond to disasters and emergencies to aid you, your family, and your loved ones.


Anatomy of a Disaster Kit

040114_DisasterKitBeing Red Cross Ready means having a checklist in place for responding to disasters. We suggest that you get a kit, make a plan, and be informed. Disasters strike so suddenly that it leaves little time to gather the necessities needed in case of an emergency – this is where the disaster kit comes in handy. It contains a 3-day supply of food and materials to ensure you and your loved ones are prepared for a disaster. You can build your own or purchase the regular or deluxe versions we have available at our American Red Cross store.

If you’re choosing to build your own, here are the items we suggest you include in your kit:

  • 1 gallon of water, per person, per day; 3-day supply of non-perishable food, per person
  • Flashlight, extra batteries; cell phones with chargers
  • Medical Items; copies of personal documents; emergency blankets
  • Maps of the area; battery-powered or hand-crank radio
  • Family and emergency contact information

Remember to check your disaster kit every six months to replace expired items and also to keep your furry friends in mind with their own disaster kit. Visit our Be Red Cross Ready website for all the details and download our mobile apps for information on how to respond to disasters.

Contest Super Sleuths

040114_FlyingOur Everyday Heroes Contest was a blast! It was great to see all of the photo guesses, comments, and nicknames that everyone submitted. We really appreciate your replies and you certainly know your community heroes! There were many super sleuths, but who are the contest winners? Drumroll, please

Congratulations to Kathy McVicker (Northwest Ohio), Loretta Bassette (West Central), and Jill Wasbro Wagner (Hancock, Seneca, & Wyandot) for winning! Hurray! Red Cross swag gift baskets are headed your way. Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest. It’s your enthusiasm and energy that allows us to help those in need and we can’t do it without you. You are all heroes every month of the year. Thank you for making this past #RedCrossMonth one to remember!