The Pillowcase Project

Pillowcase project girl holding signWhen someone hears “The Pillowcase Project” and “The American Red Cross” together in the same sentence, they may wonder – What do pillowcases have to do with the Red Cross? The Pillowcase Project is a program geared towards local 3rd-5th graders to help them be better prepared when a disaster strikes. As part of a grant-funded partnership with Disney, the program teaches children about emergencies in their community, and how they can be prepared when they happen. The children also receive a pillowcase that lists items they should have in their own personal disaster preparedness kit – like  crayons, an activity book, flashlight, a first aid kit, paper and pens, bar of soap, pack of tissues, a small game, and a toothbrush with toothpaste. They can then even personalize the pillowcase and make it their own by coloring it and filling it with items they like the most – a favorite stuffed animal, book, or even a blankie.

By educating the children, they can then teach their families how to Be Red Cross Ready too!

Pillowcase project 4 kids

Children from the Boys & Girls Club having fun while decorating their pillowcases

If you or a group you’re affiliated with would like to sign up to participate, contact  AmeriCorps member Pat Crawford at 419-329-2557.


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