Oso’s Red Tide Community

IMG_20140406_161740_200Recently, our own Todd James was deployed to the Oso, Washington, community in the aftermath of the ruinous landslide on March 22. The strength of community is a powerful healing tool. Having the help of friends, family, neighbors, and even complete strangers has a way of giving people hope through tough times.

Two weeks ago, he spent the day at an emergency shelter in Darrington, Washington. The mudslide cut off the route to the city of Arlington which serves as a hub for shopping, laundry, and other essentials. Resources like food for families and their pets, water, and clothing are all invaluable items that the affected families worried about attaining. We assisted the families in their time of need, showing they were not alone.

“Everyone was affected by the landslide, many losing family and friends. The Red Cross team leader was telling us today that the evening meal at the shelter has become a community event, bringing the residents and the responders together for fellowship and support.”

In addition, with the help of Red Cross partner Tide, Todd joined Loads of Hope members and gave people a means to have their laundry cleaned and returned. Not only does this return the comfort of their clean clothing after having gone so long without them, but imagine the sensation a child feels when they finally have their favorite, clean blanket to keep them warm at night.



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