Helping O-so Much

Last month, we told you about Red Cross relief efforts in Oso, Washington, and thanked you for supporting the victims of that tragic mudslide. We are one Red Cross and during disasters like this, volunteers respond from around the country. Todd James – executive director of American Red Cross of Hancock, Seneca, and Wyandot Counties – was recently deployed to Oso to to help with communications on the scene.

Today, we visited the site of the SR530 slide. Finding the words to describe the enormity of the event and the devastation is difficult. I am still having a hard time comprehending this disaster, it’s far outside my scope of experience. The one aspect that I do recognize is the sight of hundreds of dedicated people working to provide relief and recovery to the families affected. Please, continue to keep these families and communities in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.” – Todd James, April 9, 2014.

We will be taking a special look into Todd’s journey this week as he weighs in on Oso, shares his experience, and offers a view first-hand perspective from the front lines of disaster response.


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