Awarding Invaluable Efforts

According to recent survey, a volunteer’s time is worth $21.40 an hour in Ohio. Since July 2013, our volunteers have provided our Red Cross with $406,086.40 worth of assistance. Isn’t that amazing? We honored some of their efforts on April 10th at a volunteer award luncheon in Allen County. Here’s a list of the award recipients:


Larry Flick – Clara Barton Award
Carole Hume and Janet Eilerman 

Volunteer of the Year Award
Jasmine Binod – Youth of the Year Award
Paul Brown – Frances Miller Award
Timothy “Bo” McComas – Flickinger Leadership Award
Your Hometown Stations – Organization/Business of the Year Award

The event provided volunteers with door prizes and desserts while recognizing service tenures ranging from 5 years up to 70 years (incredible, VaLaire Orchard!) You can read this article for more information about our awards or check out additional photos from the event here. Congratulations to all of the winners and a special thank you for all you do to support our mission.

Don’t miss out! See how you or a friend can become a volunteer too.


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