#NVW – Bo Knows Humanitarianism

It’s Friday and the last day of our National Volunteer Week highlight. This time, we’re featuring someone who knows a thing-or-two about helping people: Bo McComas. Bo knows.

Bo_McComas“I just really enjoy helping people. … I really like going to schools and talking to kids about disaster preparedness. Veterans need things that they’re not getting. The Red Cross is doing their part to help. I wanted to be a part of that.”

We’re honored to have Bo as a compassionate disaster volunteer. He understands the importance  of disaster response as well as spreading awareness and being prepared before they happen. He’s also part of our regional Speaker’s Bureau and enjoys giving presentations to local schools and daycare programs on disaster preparedness.

In addition to all this, Bo follows our commitment to America’s military members, veterans, and families as a caseworker for Services to Armed Forces (SAF). He follows-up with families after we have assisted them with emergency communications to make sure they have everything they need and find out how we can further help them.

You can join Bo and our other volunteers as part of our SAF volunteer team. It’s a very personal and rewarding position, plus, you get to work with one of our best staff members! For more information, contact Karen Jantzi at 419.227.5121 ext. 8 or email her


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