#NVW – Mary of all Trades

The hits just keep on coming for National Volunteer Week. It’s Day Three, Wednesday, which means we get to celebrate the efforts of Mary Cooan! Mary is from Lyons, Ohio and is always active in all of our community events. She’s like a jack-of-all-trades volunteer! You might catch her one moment at a fundraising event sharing smiles and a day later with the Disaster Action Team responding to those in need. Don’t blink though or you’ll miss her assisting Blood Services! She joined the American Red Cross of Fulton County Advisory Board in 2010 as has been a valuable member since.


Oh, you’re probably wondering about the picture? It was taken at the Swanton Corn Festival. The float was designed and built by Mary and her husband with materials they donated. Mary’s efforts didn’t go unrewarded as the float helped us win the grand prize. Isn’t that grand? Thanks for all of your work, Mary!

What about you? Are you a Red Cross volunteer? Tell the world (or at least your friends) by sharing one of these Facebook badges to your wall. We’re always looking for volunteers. To learn more and sign up, go to redcross.org/volunteer.


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