We Need You

We’ve been talking about every day heroes during Red Cross Month. What do they do? Our heroes are volunteers, donors, and community members like you. They respond to fires, work in shelters, administer CPR, and apply First Aid techniques. They literally save lives, but they can’t do it alone. Become a hero and join our team of American Red Cross Volunteer Instructors for First Aid and CPR.

CPR/AED First Aid Class

As a member of our Health and Safety Volunteer Instructors, you’ll teach high-quality, trusted first aid and CPR programs to put others in a position to be heroes and save lives. The programs will support you in a variety of ways by: providing extensive lessons plans, video support, a dedicated resource website; free digital or affordable print course materials; free digital refreshers; 2-year certification; hands-on skills practices, and more. Not only will your knowledge help people who are in need, but your teachings will ensure others are in a position to be heroes too. Just think: if you trained 30 people, and each one saved one person in their life time, you just helped save 30 people. We need you.

To take part in a Volunteer Instructor program, please take the following steps:
1) Visit www.redcross.org/support/volunteer.
2) Click on “volunteer in your community”, enter your Zip Code, and select “Preparedness and Health & Safety” as your interest.
3) Click “Apply now” to begin the intake process.

Be a hero and help build a network of First Aid and CPR-trained people.


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