Ten Ten Three

Ten Pints, Ten People, Three Lives Changed.

032114_BloodSvcsIn September 2010, expecting mother Ursula went to the hospital with intentions of meeting her new baby later that day.  During labor, Ursula began having trouble breathing which caused the baby’s heart rate to drop and Ursula was rushed to the operating room for an emergency C-section. On the way to the operating room, she stopped breathing —she was resuscitated and her baby was delivered within 60 seconds.

Almost immediately, Ursula began to bleed profusely. Within an hour, she was diagnosed with a rare, often fatal, syndrome known as amniotic fluid embolism. Ursula underwent surgery and received ten pints of blood. ¹ “I can only thank my team of doctors, nurses and guardian angel along with the ten people that made blood donations that changed my life,” said Ursula. “Without those ten people, my husband would have to live without his wife and my son would grow up without a mother.”

After 24 hours in the Intensive Care Unit, Ursula was able to meet her new baby boy, Cameron. “I am alive because of those ten people. I still get teary eyed thinking about what my family went through that day.”

It’s Everyday Heroes like you who make happy endings to stories like Ursula’s possible! Thank you for all that you do! Would you like to help countless others like Ursula? Find a blood drive taking place near you.


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