March Matchness

We have some exciting news for new and existing donors who want to give above and beyond for Red Cross Month! Edward and Linda Reiter are offering a $5,000 Matching Gift to support the mission and efforts of the Red Cross.

031214_ReiterIf you’re a new donor, simply donate between $500 and $5,000 and your gift will be matched. If you’re an existing donor, donate an amount that exceeds your gift from last year and the difference between the two will be matched. For example, if you donated $700 last year and donate $1,000 this year, Ed and Linda will match $300 making the donation total $600! Now here’s a little secret: this is an opportunity to double-dip! A donation between $1,000 and $9,999 to the Red Cross in any twelve month time frame qualifies you as a member of the Clara Barton Society. The Clara Barton Society offers an experience to members filled with recognition and rewards in the spirit of our founder, Clara Barton.

Ed and Linda Reiter are longtime supporters of the Red Cross and our community. They understand the importance of giving back to those who are in need. We’re blown away by their generosity and encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to double your contribution!

For more information on the matching gift or the Clara Barton Society, contact our Major Gifts Officer, Chris Diefenthaler, or call 419-329-2375.


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