Red Cross Pie

Did you know:
American Red
Cross Blood Services is part of one, big family?

Red Cross Pie

Red Cross Pie – not for consumption.

An easier way to explain this is to imagine Red Cross as a pie. A large pie. Now, this Red Cross pie is broken into several pieces: Service to the Armed Forces, Disaster Relief, International Relief and Development, Health and Safety Education and Training, and finally, Blood Services.

We play a critical role in our nation’s health care system as the largest supplier of blood in the United States. Locally, we serve 11 counties providing 300 units of blood needed each day to 23 local hospitals. We also ensure lifesaving blood and blood products are available for patients in need. Providing these to patients is a key component of the Red Cross mission to help people in times of emergency and disasters.

Blood and blood products are constantly in demand. In fact, your single donation can help save up to THREE lives. And thanks to you, we are able to supply about 40% of the nation’s blood supply. So please, donate this month and help save lives. Donate this month and help save lives.

You might even get a small juice  or granola bar out of it!


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