Knowing is half the battle


Not sure about all of you, but we just went outside and brrrrr – it’s still cold! The next couple of days may bring equally cold conditions, so we want to make sure you’re prepared.

  • Dress in layers to stay warm and retain heat.
    This one seems pretty straightforward, but do not underestimate how cold it is outside and the impact of wind chill.
  • Download the Red Cross First Aid App/Pet First Aid App
    Safety first!
  • If you leave your home and seek shelter elsewhere due to cold weather, bring the following with you:
    1. medications you take on a regular basis,
    2. medical equipment
    3. identification
    4. important documents
    5. warm clothes –  enough for multiple layers
    6. bedding (blankets, sleeping bags, pillows, etc.)
    7. important contact information
    8. cell phones and chargers (No one likes getting that low-battery beep)
  • If you leave your home, bring your pet with you and remember to bring their essentials like: water, food, medicine, collar/leash, I.D., hard-sided carrier, and vaccination records.
  • If you stay home, bring your pets inside or make sure that they can stay warm and have access to fresh water and food.
  • Follow recommendations and guidelines provided by your local emergency management agency, community organizations and other applicable service providers.



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