Curtain Call for Gary

Say it ain’t so! Gary Loboschefski – or Lobo as we call him – is retiring after an unforgettable 18 years of service to the American Red Cross. <insert sad face here>

After starting as a Wood County volunteer, Gary came to the regional office in 2004 as the emergency services manager. He’s been creating smiles here ever since. Our fearless leader, Tim Yenrick even said: “Gary is the best thing to happen to disaster services”. He was right!

Gary_CouchAs a husband and a father of four, he has no retirement plans (other than catching up on yardwork), but intends to continue providing hope and assistance as a Red Cross volunteer. When discussing his tenure at a recent meeting, an emotional Gary said, “Everything we’ve done, I couldn’t have done it without you, our Red Cross volunteers and helpers.” Aww. That’s why we love him!

We couldn’t be happier for him and are forever appreciative of everything he’s done for the Red Cross and our community. We’ll sincerely miss him, his kindness, and his strict sense of style for matching socks. (Seriously though. He’s really good at it.)

Give Gary some of your love – he’ll really appreciate it! Reply to this blog and we’ll make sure he and his socks get the message.



One thought on “Curtain Call for Gary

  1. Deb Angel

    Gary Lobo, we are really going to miss you being in our office and such a dedicated worker. Good luck in future endeavors and visit us often! We placed a homing beacon in your car, (as in the Bat signal) so if you happen to lose control of it, just know that it is bringing you home to the chapter.

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