A whole l-Ot-tawa appreciation

Hip-hip, hurray! Ring the bells, bang the drums!

We’re pleased to acknowledge the amazing work done by our local volunteers in Ottawa County. We hope your hands are ready for some clapping, because there are some great people who need to be recognized! Don’t worry, we’ll clap along with you:

2013 Volunteers of the Year
David Amerine, Connie Starnes, Club Red

Volunteer Hall of Fame Inductees
Richard Gottschalk, Lea Mark, Judy OleskaOttawa_Holiday_Party_Volunteer_Recognition

Red Cross Service Pin Recipients
25 years – Audrey Morrow
15 years – Richard Gottschalk, Linda Snyder
10 years – Lea Mark
5 years – Barbara Gravengaard, Mary Anne Koebel, Auldre Massie

Retirement – 11 Years of Service
Bonnie Legg – Disaster Action Team leader of American Red Cross of Ottawa County

We couldn’t provide the care and assistance we do without the help of our community and volunteers like these. Everyone genuinely makes a difference and we’re happy to have your support. Also, if you didn’t get a chance to clap above, feel free to clap in the comments section!

Lisa Chura-Audrey Morrow-Deena Camerato-Mary Anne KoebelGreg FoxTim Yenrick-Jim Sass-Gary Mortus


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