Holiday Shopping. Yay?

American Red Cross Holiday Giving CatalogThe holidays aren’t over yet and there’s still shopping to be done. So many people to buy for and so little time! Uncle Fred has enough barbecue materials for thirteen family reunions and your best friend already has a new phone and matching case. Oh, and then there are those co-workers you’ve been meaning to give something to for three years now. How will you fit it all in?

Choose the stress-free option and give something that means something by purchasing from the American Red Cross Holiday Giving Catalog.

These symbolic gifts provide hope to so many across our community and around the world. You can select a gift that really hits home for those people you care about. For example:

  • Vaccinations [$25] – Vaccines against measles, rubella for 25 children
  • Military Comfort Kits [$50] – Items such as a robe, music gift card, and more for injured service members
  • Swimming Lessons [$100] – Lessons for 10 children reducing the risk of drowning

…and so much more!

The Holiday Giving Catalog also rewards your benevolence by giving you a FREE GIFT when you donate $100 or more, with different surprises provided at $200, $500, and $1,000 or more.

So use this opportunity to help Uncle Fred provide first aide courses to students who could save lives or help your best friend provide shelter for a family following a disaster. The possibilities really are endless! Let them know they helped reconnect a family or lost loved one and together, we can make a difference.


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