From the front lines-

It’s day 24 of the Red Cross Colorado Flooding relief operation and it’s a cold and snowy day in Northern Colorado.  The snow capped Colorado Rockies are a beautiful sight from a distance. But, for the thousands of people who live in the higher elevations, the cold and snow adds to the already arduous conditions they are dealing with as they work to reclaim their homes and their communities from the wreckage left by the flash floods that roared through the region.

I got a look at just how bad the basic infrastructure of roads and utilities were affected when my team and I tried to drive up to Estes Park. Now imagine trying to drive large trucks full of supplies and food and large equipment for rebuilding the roads in these conditions. Then imagine snow and ice on top of that.  Many of the people affected by the flood lost most if not all of their possessions. That means no winter coats, no gloves, no hats – while they’re working with little or no shelter in the wreckage of their homes.  The recovery here in Colorado is going to be long and demanding.  But, the Red Cross and many of our community partners are already planning for the recovery, while also making sure that the immediate needs of the thousands of Coloradans affected are met.  You can help by making a donation to the American Red Cross at, 800-RED CROSS or by texting “RedCross” to 90999.

Not a funny story today, but, even in the midst of a relief operation, the day to day tasks have to be taken care of. For me, today was laundry day.  We found a drop off laundry right across the street from our Operations HQ.  Dropped off a load this morning, picked up fresh, pressed clothes tonight.  I could get used to that!

Take care and thank you to all back home for your support and well wishes. See you very soon!


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