From the front lines – Colorado Day 4

American Red Cross Community Chapter Executive Todd James shared more updates with us from his time out in Colorado helping with the flash flood relief. Here’s his story:

Colordo Car DamageDay 4 here in Colorado. Yesterday the last Red Cross shelter was closed. That’s a positive note, as it means the residents staying in the shelters have been able to get back to their homes or have found alternate housing.

Colorado Road ClosedThere is still a lot of service delivery happening in many areas: food, assistance, and cleaning supplies are also being distributed. A number of Emergency Aid Stations are open where Red Cross Disaster Health and Disaster Mental Health staff are helping the people who lost so much in the floods.

Colorado Homes and Flood DamageIn my role as Public Affairs Chief for the operation, I’m responsible for planning and strategy for our team. They’re a great team! They are dedicated, and doing a fantastic job of letting Colorado and the country know what the Red Cross is doing to help.

Colorado Home DamageOf course, being in charge means a lot of paperwork! So, I’m in our HQ a lot. But I am able to get with the team at times. You can see some of the work we’ve done here. Tomorrow we are visiting Estes Park, one of the hardest hit areas, to get updates on the ongoing response.

Funny story of the day: After leaving HQ today, I stopped at Walmart to pick up a few items. I was wearing a Red Cross shirt and hat. Two people stopped me…to ask me where they could find something! Who knew Red Cross gear and Walmart gear were so similar?

Take care and thank you for all the support and good wishes. See you in a week.


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