Texting and Driving…It can wait!

It can wait at&t

Here at the American Red Cross, our Disaster Action Team (DAT) Emergency Response Vehicle drivers  respond to emergencies in the middle of the night. Often times, they are short on sleep and respond to multiple fires over the course of the evening.

Here at the Red Cross we support preparedness and being proactive in preventing emergencies and knowing how to respond when one happens. We want to prevent accidents that can be caused by texting and driving by informing you (our awesome blog followers) of the option to wait. We encourage you to be prepared to react to any possible motor vehicle situation and avoid injuries or (ultimately) serious or fatal accidents.

We’ve partnered with AT&T and our DAT team members have taken the pledge to avoid texting while driving. Our drivers need to be safe and alert when they are responding to an emergency – this includes keeping their eyes on the road and away from their screen.

In this day and age, people are busy and constantly have their phones attached to them. They’re looking to stay involved and connected. Of course, many of us can admit to being distracted. It’s a mindless task to reach over and grab the phone to respond to a text or send an email. Sometimes it is hard to go a long period of time without checking that Facebook update, but texting while driving is dangerous and potentially life threatening. Please stay safe and think twice when you’re behind the wheel.

We encourage you to sign the pledge here.



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