From Disaster to Comfort, Red Cross has a kit for that!

Disaster Kits

In the event of an emergency, we encourage you to prepare yourself, your family, and your home. Having basic necessities readily available could potentially save a life in case of a disaster.


Comfort Kits

Comfort kits are exactly that—comforting. When a family suffers from the devastation of a house fire or losing everything to a flood or tornado, it is our job to provide them with care.

With donations of comfort kits we are able to provide families with the basic day-to-day items that they may have lost in a disaster. Here is a photo of something fun that our child comfort kits might include!

Colorado Wildfires 2012

Disaster Clean-up Kits

After a devastating flood, fire or storm, homes of all kinds can suffer from many different levels of damage.

Our clean-up kits include a reusable 5 gallon bucket filled with supplies designed to clean and disinfect homes after hurricanes, floods, or fires. Some of the supplies include a cotton wet mop, floor squeegee, work gloves, garbage bags, Pine-Sol, Clorox, and a respirator mask.

Here is a photo from earlier this summer of a brand new shipment of clean-up kits!



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