Our story – Chelsie and TJ

Chelsea and TJ

Chelsie and TJ

We received this heartwarming testimonial back in February. Here’s how the American Red Cross has touched the lives of one Northwest Ohio family:

“I thought I would put into words how grateful we are to the Red Cross for helping our family in more than one way. Many years ago, our daughter, Chelsie, participated in the Red Cross babysitting course at the Sylvania Library. It is our plan that all our children take this course before they are allowed to stay home alone or babysit. Thinking the skill she learned would never be needed; she took the course seriously and learned a lot. Over the summer, Chelsie was babysitting her little brother and he began to choke on a piece of hotdog. Remembering what she learned in her class, she performed the Heimlich maneuver and was able to dislodge the piece from his throat. It was a very traumatic situation for our family and we were absolutely grateful for the babysitting course [she] participated in. After our youngest son took this class, we did not think we would need the Red Cross anymore.  

Little did we know that this was incorrect. On November 15, 2012, our [home] was destroyed by a fire. My children and I ran out of the house without shoes or coats. After hours of watching our home burn to the ground, the firefighters and police officers contacted the Red Cross to provide help for us. Two very tired helpful [volunteers] showed up at 3 a.m. with a willingness to shelter and clothe us. Not only did they provide us with a hotel room to stay in (as we were exhausted and emotionally drained) but also gave us a credit card…to buy clothes and shoes, coats and necessities. It was quite a sight to see [us] walking into Walmart with nothing more than ill-fitting slippers on that our neighbors donated and blankets wrapped around our shoulders. We knew exactly what we needed… everything! We were able to purchase 3 days’ worth of clothes for the entire family thanks to the generosity of the Red Cross.  

You see stories on the news about Hurricane Sandy and Katrina, thankful that the Red Cross is there to help but thinking you would never need their assistance being in Northwest Ohio. Well, things happen and you just never know when help is needed. As soon as we are back on our feet and re-established in our home, we plan on giving back to the Red Cross for all that they have given and done for our family not once but twice. Donations are the least that we can do to say ‘thank you’.”

– Dawn

Do you have a Red Cross story? Let us know! Send an email to amanda.aldrich@redcross.org or post it in the comments below.


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