Team Red Cross App – Volunteering Made Easy!


Remember the Oklahoma tornadoes? Do you remember feeling that you wanted to do something to help those people who lost everything?

We received so many phone calls asking how you could help from Ohio. Other than donations, there was not a whole lot people could do right at that time.

Well that’s all about to change. It’s so exciting that becoming a volunteer is being made so easy! Take some time to get to know the app, and see if it’s something that you would want to do. We could ALWAYS use more volunteers! It’s the Team Red Cross App! It allows people to sign up to help, get trained and receive notifications about Red Cross volunteer opportunities in their community.

So here’s a little bit about how it works:
First, you create an account. Then you will learn about different jobs, such as working in a warehouse, handing out supplies or assisting with feeding. Through lists of simple steps, short videos and quizzes, you can receive quick training right from your phone! You will have enough basic training, just by downloading this app, to attend a local disaster and assist other Red Cross volunteers on site!

When the Red Cross has a need for volunteers, the Team Red Cross app will notify users based on their location. Users can instantly accept or decline the volunteer opportunity.

The app is free and designed for iPhone and Android smart phones and tablets.

Read more about the app on our national website, or just download it for yourself to see how awesome it is!


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