Babysitting 20% Off Through July 31st!

Even though the end of summer is closing in, we are giving you an awesome chance to become a great babysitter before heading back to school!

Right now until July 31, all Babysitters Training and Babysitter’s Basics courses are 20% off! It’s totally awesome! Enroll your teens into these classes to help them learn the basics of babysitting and starting their own babysitting business. It’s definitely going to be worth it!

You can take a course in class for $85 too! It takes a whole day to complete, but you CANNOT beat the hands on experience. It’s 20% off until July 31, also!

When you register just use this coupon code! INDY200913

Babysitter’s Basics costs $25 and is an online training course that is designed for students ages 11 and older. This online training provides the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and responsibly care for infants and children up to the age of 10, as well as to manage a babysitting business. It takes about 4 hours to complete and makes learning fun with lots of videos and interactive games.

The cost for Babysitter’s Training is $85. Students receive materials that are useful both during the course and when they start babysitting, including a compact emergency reference guide, an interactive CD-ROM featuring an activity booklet with games, songs, recipes and other activities, an electronic client organizer, and much more.

The cost is $25 for Babysitting Basics online course! Plus 20% off until July 31!

So you’ve heard what the kids have to say about their babysitters, and we think they offer some pretty outstanding advice! So take the class!


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